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Why This Site?


The purpose of this website is to be a resource for those who are curious about how to live a joyful life. Why? Because a joyful life means a more peaceful life.

The content is largely free to keep it accessible for as many people as possible.

How often we believe we don’t have what we need to be joyful, and yet we have the potential within us already. True Freedom is dedicated to supporting you in discovering this; not through dogmatic teachings, but rather by encouraging you to be an independent thinker and walk your own path.

Perhaps you’re here for a reason. Take a look around, and enjoy!

- Amanda

Recent Posts

  • A Day in Kuala Lumpur

      Kuala Lumpur is a cluster of exotic action (at least for the average Westerner). Large skyscrapers tower amidst ramshackle buildings; a few still reminiscent of the colonial period. Once in awhile a Hindu or Chinese temple crops up between the pharmacies and restaurants. A true mix of cultures, I sit on a bench in […]
  • Effective Goal Setting

    Why Set Goals? Are you someone who creates goals for yourself? Many people do, but we find it hard to follow through, whether it’s in the form of a picture of what you looked like twenty years ago taped to your fridge, or a New Year’s resolution that never changes because you gave up by […]
  • Being Unsure

    Do you ever feel pressured to make decisions in life? Are you on the fence about whether or not to have children, get married, or go back to school? Do you feel undecided about your career? Does even thinking about these topics make you uncomfortable? It can seem odd to be undecided about these things. We feel we have […]
  • When Things Don’t Go Your Way

    What do you do when things don’t go your way? I found out the answer to this question on an unplanned, 24-hour sojourn at the Taoyuan Airport in Taipei today. Stuck in a self-created, steaming mound of crap, I was left forced to practice what I preach (I hate when that happens ). Allow me […]
  • Tuscan Lemon Cake

    Tuscan Lemon Cake

    (serves 8-10) I went to the farmer’s market yesterday and found some Meyer lemons (but I’ve used regular lemons in this recipe and quite honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference). They looked interesting and I’d never really used them before. The guy working there explained to me they’re like a cross between a lemon and […]