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Why This Site?

Welcome! I’m glad you found us!

The purpose of this website is to be a resource for those who don’t want to suffer from anxiety any longer. Instead of wishing I didn’t have anxiety, I experienced “true freedom” from suffering when I started learning from my anxiety. It might be helpful to think of it as compass that points you in the right direction in life. 

We all have the power to heal pain within ourselves — we just have to learn how to use it. Here, you will find practical solutions for anxiety while living in a modern world.

Those who will benefit most from this site come with an open mind, patience, and a desire to grow. Like most things that are worthwhile in life, it will take time and effort — no way around that one! However, your hard work will pay off.

If you’re reading this, you’ve been given the gift of being alive. Make the most of it by serving others, acting with good intention, and cultivating your own sense of awareness. In other words: Live with purpose. You will enjoy your life fully and make this world a better place.

Are you ready?

If you like what you’re reading, be sure to bookmark this site so you can come back to visit! Feel free to share it with people you think would benefit from it too. Stay a few minutes, or stay a few hours!

- Amanda

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